Discover the Secrets to Building Your Soul-Purpose-Aligned Online Teaching Business

Here are 8 powerful gifts to help you along your purpose-driven entrepreneurial path...

#1 - How You Can Build A Simple Online Teaching Business

  • The only four components you need for a successful online business.
  • You can use this simple proven business model to build a full time income.
  • The daily and weekly schedule to make it happen!

"Do something you are very passionate about." - Jeff Bezos, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of

"Find something you love to do, be great at it and sell it." - Mark Cuban,, Cyberdust

"Your #1 purpose in your business is the education of your clients, leading them to take action. The money is secondary, and comes from the 10% or so who are willing to invest to get more access to you." - Sean Mize,

The most important things in your teaching business:
  1. The value of the results that you can help people get (maximize)
  2. The actual results your clients get (maximize)
  3. You have to promote and sell (single most important operating step)

How to run the business:
  1. Find out what your tribe (the people you stand for) needs
  2. Create it, teach it
  3. Promote it and sell it

Your gift package also includes...

  • #2 - The article by Napoleon Hill that reveals Andrew Carnegie's simple method to focus on implementing your definite major purpose. I used this to go from debt to financial abundance at the beginning of 2013.

  • #3 - I will also share with you the powerful Vision training I taught recently which extends the ideas I got from Andrew Carnegie.

  • #4 - "How To Shield Yourself With Unconditional Loving Energy For Empaths and Highly Sensitive People" by my friend Marcia Martin, The Heart Healing Expert

  • #5 - The first lesson (a 3 hour Video Training) from my new training program "Monetize From Scratch Faster" - A program to help empathic, intuitive and creative entrepreneurs start selling your wisdom, knowledge and expertise faster and easier so you can gain more time freedom in your life and make the impact you are truly here to make and create what is most important for your next level of conscious evolution!

  • #6 - A spreadsheet for tracking the building of the foundation of your online teaching business

  • #7 - A spreadsheet for tracking your daily and weekly action in building your online teaching business

  • #8 - A spreadsheet for tracking your daily results: new subscribers, sales, revenue, expenses, and profits

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